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A study of Descartes' methodical doubt that presents a different perspective, a unique perspective on the possible origin of the idea of the evil genius. Although Descartes always refused direct confrontation with the official theology and philosophy, as a connoisseur of his time, he must be aware of the crucial importance of "angelic doctrine" advocated by Pope Urban VIII in the second trial against Galileo. The author asks whether theological concepts embodied in the system of Descartes are the result of a strategy to disarm and refute the ideological position of those opposed to scientific realism in the name of divine omnipotence, in order to convert to the new physics in mere technical device.

The key to understanding his philosophy Descartes was scored by one of the notebooks written in his youth: "At the time of going to the mundane scene, I stand in disguise." What remains secret behind the fiction of the evil genius and methodical doubt ?. This book gives the keys to illuminate the enigma and interpret their intentions and thoughts from a proper historical perspective.

Currently, this book is only published in Spanish language.

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